İzmir Evka 3 Social Center And Transfer Station

– Location : Bornova, İzmir

– Date : Ocak.2017

– Built Area : 5.180 m²

– Client : İzmir Belediyesi

Tags : Competition, Cultural, Government, Transportation


Explanation :  Our motto in the architectural project competition, which was opened to redesign the area where the last stop of the metro, the last stop of the bus and the car parking area in Bornova Evka-3, İzmir, as a “Social Center and Transfer Station”, is both to highlight functional and innovative solutions and to be environmentally friendly. is an understanding. In this context, the project we designed was designed as permeable circulation areas, both as structural architecture and as imaginary architecture. In the project, which we designed with our understanding of an environmentally friendly and comfortable project, it is aimed not only to use the active transportation opportunities of the transfer station, but also to offer living, entertainment and learning areas for use by the people of Izmir.