How Should the Architecture of the Store and Cafe Be? What Should Be Considered?

Shopping malls create a great forum for stores. While each brand is ranked within a single structure, each has the purpose of appearing more attractive than the other. How should an independent store design be in a shopping mall? How should the interior decoration of the stores be done? What should be considered in cafe architecture, which is a place of pleasure? The Office Wa team, which is among the best architecture companies, answers the questions. Lets start.

In the interior design of the store, it is necessary to be able to look at it from the eyes of the customer. Maximizing the customer's experience in the store has a positive effect on sales. Stores are often a point of sale where you go to buy arbitrary and partially essential needs. However, from the customer's perspective, stores are also considered places to distract themselves, relieve stress and socialize. For this reason, the interior decoration of the stores should be designed in this context. For example, add-ons such as a playground for children and a waiting area for spouses are elements that increase the functionality of the stores.

Store architecture starts with the showcase. A large, eye-catching showcase and a magnificent store entrance always attract attention. Unless the showcase attracts attention, customers do not enter the store. Knowing this tendency of the customers, the store architecture should be designed in the focus of the wide showcase at the very beginning. Architecture companies are designing both the general architecture of the store and the interior design in this direction in order to increase visual interaction.

Tips on cafe architecture

Cafe or cafes can be said to be the most popular places of recent years. People head to cafes for work, education, socializing, celebration and all similar events. The main reason why cafes have such intense interest lies in good architecture. The architecture and interior design of the cafe is the center of attention, people prefer that cafe for the concept. Our team, which is featured in the list of Turkey's best architecture offices, specializes in the color, decoration, sound system, lighting, comfort, atmosphere, layout, air conditioning system, kitchen design of cafes and restaurants. He recommends that he act professionally. Architecture firms develop projects in interior design from the perspective of both the manager and the customer, but they can achieve successful results with this broad perspective.

Office Wa has a remarkable team that has achieved many successes with its domestic and international projects in the ranking of architectural companies. Our team, which takes part in many architectural projects such as shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels and so on, provides world-class service with its modern projects. If you would like to work with us in the field of architecture and interior design, you can contact us immediately and visit us in our office.

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